New Mexico EPSCoR Faculty Leadership Workshop - Valles Caldera National preserve Science and Education Center, Jemez Springs, NM

Monday, January 7, 2013 - Wednesday, January 9, 2013

5th Annual New Mexico EPSCoR Faculty Leadership Workshop

January 7-9, 2013

Valles Caldera National Preserve Science and Education Center, Jemez Springs, NM

The New Mexico EPSCoR Faculty Leadership Workshop is an innovative 3-day intensive program designed to enhance the leadership skills of new faculty (Assistant Professors, recently-tenured Associate Professors) and outstanding post-doctoral associates. Specific focal areas include communication with decision-makers and the media, proposal development, management of research projects, meeting facilitation, “broadening impacts” through education and outreach, and mentoring. The three-day workshop includes:

Meeting Facilitation and Leadership

o Carl Moore (The Community Store) provides tools and strategies to build modern leadership and facilitation skills 

Planning and Writing Proposals

o Cliff Dahm and Bill Michener, both former Project Directors at NSF and PIs on numerous grants, discuss planning and writing effective research proposals

Effective Teaching in Higher Ed

o Gary Smith (Director, UNM Office to Support Effective Teaching) presents strategies for transforming courses to improve student learning, motivation, and retention in STEM

Mentoring and Working with Diverse Students

o Mary Jo Daniel (Assoc. Director NM EPSCoR) leads an interactive session using case studies of mentoring in higher education STEM areas

Communicating Science to the Media

o Sandra Blakeslee (New York Times science writer) engages participants in “mock” interviews about their research with members of TV and print media (invited)

Work/Life Balance

o Wil Pockman and Marcy Litvak (UNM) provide insights and strategies based on their experiences as a couple in academia

Productivity Tools and Strategies

o Bill Michener shares tools to increase productivity and manage research projects

Communicating Science to Decision-makers

o Robert Gropp (American Institute of Biological Sciences) leads an experience-based training workshop in interacting with state and federal decision-makers

Professional Ethics

o Bill Michener and Mary Jo Daniel facilitate small group discussions of scenarios drawn from the news of ethically challenging situations for junior faculty

This workshop is open to untenured or recently tenured junior faculty in STEM fields from colleges and universities in New Mexico or our partner EPSCoR states of Nevada and Idaho. Lodging, meals and workshop materials will be provided as well as reimbursement for roundtrip mileage/air fare to Jemez Springs. Space is limited to 20 participants. 

See for information on past workshops.

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