New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge: Cyberinfrastructure Enhanced Education in New Mexico

The New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge promotes computational thinking in science and engineering so tha tthe next generation of high school graduates is better prepared to compete in an information-based economy.  The teams completed science computational projects, some using high performance supercomputers, over the course of the academic year.  This year, the award ceremony included more than 250 middle and high school students and their teachers.  About 70 of the 98 teams that started the Challenge last fall presented projects at the Expo, the end of the year project expo and award ceremony (April 2010).  The goal of the year long competition is to increase knowledge of science and computing, expose students and teachers to computers and applied mathematics.  This year the top prize was captured by a team of three boys from Melrose, NM with their project, Control and Spread of Wildfires II.  Next year the program will be expanded to include new materials specifically focused on climate change.
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